Lister hall students'

The LHSA represents and serves the residents of Lister Hall in many forms including advocacy, programming on floor, tower, and Lister-wide levels, and much more.

Meet Your Tower Councils

Tower councils are comprised of Floor Coordinators each representing a floor in the tower and a Vice President for that tower.

Henday Hall Council

Kelsey Hall Council

Schaffer Hall Council

Chalifoux Hall Council

Our Constitution

We are governed by our constitution and the bylaws outlined within. You can read it below.

Our Budget

To see how we spend our budget, click below.


Interested in running for Floor Coordinator, Vice President, or President? Great!

Every year there are campaigns that take place in the winter semester for each position starting at various times approximately as follows:

-Presidential elections: Early February

-Vice Presidential elections: Early March

-Floor Coordinator elections: Mid March

Each position requires a nomination package and require a brief interview with the current executive council to verify candidate eligibility.

For more information on elections, reach out to your Floor Coordinator, they’ll be happy to help. Keep your eyes posted on the LHSA Facebook page for more information on getting your nomination packages.


As well as the elected positions above, the LHSA employs several employees for the positions of Photographer, Speaker, Administrative Assistant, Lighthouse Editor-in-Chief, and Lighthouse Section Editor.

While they have already been filled for the 2019-2020 academic year, reach out to after presidential elections if you are interested.

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